We teach in a step-by-step, enjoyable way that children can understand and take beyond the classes. Your child will have the chance to experience an enormous range of techniques such as: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and clay. We place a huge importance on art history throughout each project, and encourage the children to use our extensive selection of books and imagery for reference.

We offer a range of options including term-time classes, holiday workshops, private tuition, birthday parties, day trips and school visits.

Cygnets is a children's art school based in Putney and the surrounding areas. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional skills such as drawing, painting and sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials. 

In 2015, Cygnets opened its first school in Kingston upon Thames and later on in Richmond, founded by married artists Tabby and Hessy. 

In 2019,  Cygnets then opened its doors to franchisees, where I decided to join them in their artistic journey; opening my own Cygnets in Putney! I got to know Cygnets from my daughter, who attended the school, and had the opportunity to see first-hand what an amazing job is being done.

Cygnets work with a small number of carefully selected teachers, who are all DBS checked, and talented artists in a variety of mediums. 

Our Putney teacher, Sam, is an enthusiastic and creative teacher who has eight years of experience teaching primary and secondary children, in Georgia, Turkey, Russia and the UK. He has graduated in Fine Art Printing from Brighton University and his talent, as well as his character, makes us very happy and excited to have him as a teacher. 


I'm very proud of being part of Cygnets Art School; I'm looking forward to continuing the incredible job of the founders, and invite you to bring your children into the wonderful world of arts! 

Kindest regards, 


Cygnets is franchising!

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Cygnets is a children's art school based in Putney. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional skills such as drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

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